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PC-Doctor's product families are relied upon by leading manufacturers of PCs and PC/Android-based products. Key to the company's success is a uniform nucleus of diagnostic tests and system information tools — called the Modular Core Technology (MCT™) — that delivers diagnostic consistency and continuity across the design, manufacturing, support, and service phases of all device life-cycles.

These PC-Doctor System Health Solutions for PC and Android devices reduce service delivery costs and increase aftermarket revenues for manufacturers, support centers, repair depots, retailers and others.



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PC-Doctor Toolbox is the world's leading hardware diagnostics and system information tool to help computers run at their best. It features the industry's most current diagnostics, automation capabilities, advanced reporting for system information and test results, and more.

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PC-Doctor for Android™

The world is evolving and mobile data consumption devices running on the increasingly popular Android operating system are rapidly filling the market. This new OS and new architecture in the consumer space means that OEMs and service/repair groups now more than ever need to be able to definitively answer the question — Is the hardware functioning correctly? End-users are unfamiliar with the devices, support costs are high and there are few, if any, existing tools and processes to deal with the onslaught. Newly available, PC-Doctor for Android will bring the same hardware verification and implementation flexibility that PC-Doctor has brought to the market for almost two decades.

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PC-Doctor for Windows

PC-Doctor for Windows delivers dramatically lower support costs by reducing the frequency of No Trouble Found (NTF) product returns and speeding resolution of customer-reported problems. Leading computer makers have pre-installed over 100 million copies of PC-Doctor for Windows on computer systems worldwide.

PC-Doctor for Windows deflects service calls by giving end users the tools they need to diagnose hardware problems. When service calls occur, PC-Doctor for Windows provides support technicians with powerful hardware diagnostics and system information tools to speed call resolution and increase first-call resolution rates.

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Service Center

Service Center provides the same PC-Doctor diagnostic tools used by the world's top original equipment manufacturers to increase testing accuracy and troubleshoot more efficiently. Use Service Center to identify hardware issues—even intermittent ones—then complete your repairs and verify that problems no longer exist. Service Center generates professional reports for your customers with your logo, technician and contact information, list of tests performed, actions take to fix issues, as well as a complete system inventory that includes system model and serial number.

Service Center provides four great diagnostic environments on a single USB key, allowing technicians easy access to Windows, DOS, and Bootable diagnostics — now with Mac, Android and full Windows 10 support. Snapshots that provide details of system changes can be included in Service Center's customizable reports, along with the system serial number, your company logo, and helpful reporting information.

Service Center Remote

All New! Move computer repair out of the shop and into the cloud with Service Center Remote. Available as a stand-alone service or used in conjunction with the Service Center 11 kit, Service Center Remote allows you to easily run secure remote hardware diagnostics and manage test reports from anywhere in the world, while providing seamless sharing of testing among team members. This means less time and money spent on traveling to your customers — freeing up valuable resources to do what your business does best.

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Network Factory

PC-Doctor Network Factory converts PC testing into a dynamic engine of information sharing. Networking the test and validation process expedites borderless sharing of system information across internal (manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, sales, service, and support) and external (customer, supplier, reseller, and IT service) organizations. By combining world-class PC-Doctor diagnostics with common industry standards such as an SQL-compliant database, XML, and PHP, PC-Doctor Network Factory offers unmatched flexibility, scalability, sustainability and value.

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PC-Doctor Factory is the complete diagnostic solution for PC manufacturers and assemblers, as well as service centers and repair depots. Designed for the rigorous demands of both manufacturing and service environments, PC-Doctor Factory streamlines processes from incoming inspection to final systems test using industry-leading hardware diagnostics and system information tools. PC-Doctor Factory dramatically improves product quality, reduces troubleshooting time, and substantially reduces cost.

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Bootpath Diagnostics

BootPath Diagnostics allow end users to troubleshoot systems that fail to boot into any operating system. BootPath Diagnostics are often integrated into the system ROM as a BIOS extension, making them available even when all storage devices are unavailable, and may also be used from a CD, USB drive, network location, or disk partition. This enables end users to better diagnose non-booting systems and provides savings in associated support and warranty costs.

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PC-Doctor for DOS

Using the venerable DOS operating system provides PC-Doctor for DOS with several distinct advantages. The diagnostics and system information tools have direct access to hardware devices not available in Windows. The operating system and diagnostics have such a small footprint that they both fit on a single diskette.

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