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Service Center

Service Center 9 uses the same PC-Doctor diagnostics as the world's top PC manufacturers to increase testing accuracy, troubleshooting efficiency, and professional image. Identify hardware issues using the PC-Doctor diagnostic software — even if problems are intermittent — then complete your repairs and verify problems no longer exist. The reports generated for your customers can include your logo, contact information, and technician's name, as well as a complete system inventory including model and serial numbers, tests ran on the system, and the action taken to fix the problem.

Service Center 9 significantly advances the capabilities of the PC diagnostic kit that repair depots, manufacturers, independent computer repair shops and other professionals have used for years to troubleshoot hardware issues. As with every new release, the most comprehensive Diagnostics and System Information in the industry are enhanced to cover the latest hardware, platforms and chipsets. Service Center 9 provides three great diagnostic environments on a single USB key so technicians always have easy access to Windows, DOS and the all new Bootable Diagnostics environments. Snapshots, used to detail any system changes, can be included in Service Center's customizable reports along with the system serial number, your company logo and other helpful reporting information. Diagnostic Sessions from all three testing environments are easily combined on the USB key to give your customer a complete picture of testing performed. The Multipurpose USB Device indicates test status and stores configuration files, customizable reports, system snapshots, your customized links, and other information.

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