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  • Service Center 10.5 continues to ensure technicians have the tools required to accurately troubleshoot the latest systems, devices and components. This latest release includes these notable new features: NVMe device testing Supports Android version 6.0 Marshmallow to test the latest tablets and phones Additional RAID support for MegaRAID and Areca controller models Updated IPMI, CPU, […]

  • PC-Doctor, Inc. has been named the 2016 Technology Company of the Year by Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET). This award is given to the company that best demonstrates a positive effect on Northern Nevada’s technology industry. Consideration for the award includes achievement of sales/revenue and employee growth, as well as significant patent, R&D […]

  • As a thank you to our customers, we’d like to show our appreciation by once again offering the best discounts of the year. The Black Friday Sale is back! Our largest Black Friday through Cyber Monday promotions have returned! PC-Doctor understands the importance of being able to test multiple systems at a time, so we […]

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  • Thank you for the information.  I circumvented that problem you mentioned by copying the product code directly from the email using ctrl c and pasting it in the product code box field using ctrl v.  That should have prevented any typo mistakes.  Unfort...

  • Hello Wolf4life,I do agree that given your situation a POST card would shed some light on the issue at hand.However, while a POST card will identify the last code the BIOS posted I would recommend that you research if the laptop you are testing has a...

  • I have the Service Center USB v.10 but didn't get the add-on cards as I didn't thing I would use them. I have a laptop that will start to post and may or may not flash the uefi/bios logo. After around 1min 8sec. it shuts off. I have pulled the RAM no b...

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Service Center
  • Hi Cygnata,Unfortunately we can't swap out a key that old. However, as a Staples employee you use our Factory product which is our most advanced diagnostic. Is this not the case is your store? If not please PM me the store location and we can notify o...

  • I am a staples EasyTech. This poor drive has been through the ringer by my coworkers. It is literally falling apart, and now no longer will recognize unless positioned juuuuuust right in the port, and even then if you breathe wrong it loses connection....

  • Now with NVMe device testing and support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow!Plus, updated RAID, CPU, USB and other diagnostics.[img width=700 height=250]http://www.pcdservicecenter.com/images/sc10_5_...

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PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows
  • Hi, I bought a new computer and I need a new link to reinstall the application to my new computer.

  • Kinjo,Glad to hear you found a solution!

  • Quote from: Shaurav on July 18, 2016, 05:10:47 PMHello kinjoCould you please describe which product you are using and when the bad pool header issue occurs?thnaks for your reply but i found my fix[url=http://www.deskde...

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