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  • You are one touch away from tools that will keep your Android device running smoothly! Monitoring your Android mobile phones and tablets has never been easier with the all new Toolbox Android app. Download the free beta app from the Google Play Store! Top Hardware Diagnostics & Device Information We reviewed analyses, case studies, and […]

  • The repair industry is constantly changing, and technicians need the right support tools to stay up to date. PC-Doctor Service Center 9.5 now supports Macs and Android devices, allowing technicians to provide support to multiple platforms and test the latest system components with one program. This article highlights some of the new features available in […]

  • This time of year is about being thankful, and we want to show our appreciation for our customers by offering the best discounts of the year! We are having our largest Black Friday through Cyber Monday promotions ever! PC-Doctor understands the importance of being able to test multiple systems at a time, so we are […]

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  • I confirmed with the developers that this is true for all versions of Service Center going back to version 7, but we are aware of the limitation and are looking for ways to prevent unwanted tampering with the file system. However, any such solution wou...

  • Hi Kris,Thanks for your response is this true of all lower versions of PC doctor as well?ThanksDavid

  • Hello dtmgallagher,Unfortunately, there is no way to set the USB device to read-only due primarily to the fact that each of our test environments require write access in order to function correctly. However, if ever believe that the USB device has bee...

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Service Center
  • Hi Xander,By "offline" I'm assuming you mean Bootable Diagnostics (BD), so please let me know if I am mistaken.The automated option in BD is set to run off the automated.xml script (located in <USB>:\pcdoctor\sc_lin\scripts) and will automatically na...

  • I'm kicking myself because I've just found this information in the Quick Start guide.It's good to know ahead of time as my goal is to work out my tests to be interaction-less, just start-and-walk-away.  With the Windows tests, I've batch-filed them to...

  • The primary use for the female connector on the network loopback is to test communication along a length of cable (like through a network port in the wall to the switch/router). Otherwise, it does make a great cable holder....  If you don't see the ...

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PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows
  • Hello lobo11,Unfortunately the ToolBox product does not allow for the full test to be modified to remove test features from the user interface.*However* It is possible to modify the scripts the program calls to remove those tests that require user in...

  • How do you stop the CD or DVD test from running in full tests, I would like to be able to run test at night with no user input. Thanks in advance

  • Unfortunately, I don't know of any ways to recover a corrupted file other than by using a utility. I am sorry that I can't recommend any solutions, but if you search online for similar issues I am sure you will find several recommendations. However, if...

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