PC-Doctor Factory

Factory is the Leading Industry 4.0 Hardware Diagnostics Solution for Device Manufacturers, Assemblers, Service Centers, Repair Depots, & ITAD Operations

Factory is also helping forge a sustainable and planet-conscious future by testing the recycled and refurbished devices of the world.

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PC-Doctor Service Center

The World's #1 PC, Android, Mac & ChromeOS Hardware Diagnostic Toolkit

Service Center is used by repair technicians, service professionals, IT departments, hobbyists and more.

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PC-Doctor Service Center Drive Erase

Erasing Hard Drives Shouldn't be Difficult.
Neither Should Pricing, Licensing, and Use.

Securely and easily erase multiple ATA, NVMe, eMMC, SAS drives with Drive Erase, all for under $100.

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We are the Global Leader in PC, Android, ChromeOS, & Mac System Health Technologies

We test the home, business, and industrial computers and devices of the world.

Play This is PC-Doctor VideoWe Are PC-Doctor

Our system health solutions support PC, Android, ChromeOS, and Mac devices—and we have 30 years of experience supporting a vast range of customers. OEMs, system builders, support centers, factories, repair facilities, recyclers, medical facilities, technicians, and individuals make great use of our robust solutions.

Our patent-driven hardware diagnostics, Direct System Information™, intelligent messaging, pro-active system monitoring, and high-end reporting options work together in a powerful cloud-based architecture, and are available throughout the full system lifecycle.

In testing the devices of the world from medical to aerospace to recycling, PC-Doctor is helping to save lives, train pilots, and play a role in saving our planet! Learn more about the devices we test by watching the "We Are PC-Doctor" video above. We also invite you to visit the About PC-Doctor page to read more about who we are and what we do.

Read about the 30 Years of PC-Doctor.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Diagnostics

Best in class hardware diagnostics for servers, PCs, tablets, phones, medical devices, gaming consoles...virtually any device with an x86 or ARM processor.

Windows Diagnostics 300+ Windows
Android Diagnostics 65+ Android
Chromebook Diagnostics 150+ ChromeOS
Linux Diagnostics 200+ Linux
PC-Doctor Cloud

PC-Doctor Cloud

The PC-Doctor Cloud provides a new set of powerful tools to store and analyze data touched by PC-Doctor. Test results, system information, hardware changes, and click streams are just a few of the items that can be uploaded to the cloud.

Robust data analytics provide a view of trends in hardware failures, application crashes and blue screens, that drive improvements in manufacturing, technical support, repair, refurbishment and recycling operations. Application click streams show user behavior within support tools.

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Big Data &

PC-Doctor Lifecycle
PC-Doctor Lifecycle

The Lifecycle

Key to PC-Doctor’s success is a uniform nucleus of diagnostic tests and system information tools, called the Modular Core Technology (MCT™). This technology delivers diagnostic consistency and continuity across the design, manufacturing, support, and service phases of the lifecycle. With the addition of PC-Doctor’s Cloud capabilities, experience efficient and timely data analytics for practical application in each phase.

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