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Monitoring your PC and Android devices has never been easier. It's all about having the right tools.

The world's leading hardware diagnostic and system information tool just got better at keeping your devices running their best. With the release of PC-Doctor Toolbox 8 and its all new and improved UI, managing your system's health is now easier than ever before. Toolbox offers you what PC makers worldwide have relied on for years — our industry standard hardware diagnostics, advanced system information, system history, monitoring tools, and so much more.

In addition to these great features and technology, Toolbox Remote allows easy monitoring of each Toolbox-equipped PC, from anywhere in the world. Businesses, families, or anyone who manages multiple computers can now monitor all of those Toolbox-enabled systems remotely from an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard. Login or register for your free account at

Supports Windows 7 and up.
For volume/bulk licensing, contact sales.
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Supports Android 4.1 and up.
For volume/bulk licensing, contact sales.
PC-Doctor Toolbox

Free yourself from the woes of PC troubles. Toolbox automatically monitors key hardware and software components, offering system information with detailed results. Advanced reporting keeps you well informed on system health, vastly improves troubleshooting, and reduces those time-consuming support calls and visits.

Download the Toolbox product brochure.

Benefit from Toolbox if you are a...

Toolbox Benefits Families
Toolbox Benefits Home Offices
Toolbox Benefits Technicians
Toolbox Benefits Small System Builders

Family or individual

Whether your PC investment is for your digital life, or available for an entire family to share, PCs undergo rigorous stresses and use. Yet with Toolbox, computers are well maintained to help them preserve performance and increase longevity.

Small business or home office worker

Your PC is essential to your business as a primary tool for your work. Having the proper tools to automatically maintain its efficiency and performance is important to work productivity.

Tech geek or technician

You are the type who likes to get down and dirty with the internals of your system. With Toolbox you now have access to the same low level diagnostics and system information available to the PC Manufacturers for the past 25+ years.

System builder

Your company builds PC's but the support costs are a burden. With Toolbox end users are empowered to troubleshoot their own systems. If hardware issues are found repairs are faster and your customers go away happy!

The Toolbox features that work for you!

Toolbox Dashboard

My Device Dashboard Check

Monitoring key hardware and software components, the dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of overall system health and alerts you when critical areas need attention. This all new dashboard focuses on important real-time system metrics to assist in monitoring your computer's health.

  • Supports Windows 7 through Windows 10
  • Includes a Blue Screen Troubleshooter
  • Allows you to easily run Quick or Full Scans when you suspect a problem
  • Supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Toolbox Dashboard
Toolbox Diagnostics
Toolbox Diagnostics

Diagnostics Check

With more than 300 hardware tests, take the guesswork out of troubleshooting computer problems by using the same world class diagnostics used by top PC manufacturers for years so you can get back to what really matters!

Includes tests for all major PC subsystems:

  • Storage
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Networking
  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Systemboard
  • Peripherals

View the complete list of tests available under Windows.

Toolbox Information

System Information Check

Knowledge is power! Toolbox provides the most complete and easy-to-access system information available. Understanding your system components is critical to keeping your system healthy. That job just got a lot easier with an improved focus on relevant real-time hardware, performance, system stability and security items presented in easy-to-read colored graphs and large numbers.

Plus, an all-new page dedicated to application crashes and an easier to find and always present BSOD troubleshooter further assist you in keeping tabs on your system's health.

Toolbox System Information
Toolbox System History
Toolbox History

System History Check

Constantly seeing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death? See when your system started having issues, and what system changes occurred just before that point. Then revert those changes and get your system back to a healthy state!

Easily track Hardware Scans, System Changes, Unexpected Shutdowns, Restore Points, and Application Crashes over time, giving a clear picture as to when and why issues may have arisen.

Toolbox Notifications

Notifications Check

Did you miss a failed hardware test during an automated scan? Maybe you are experiencing a pesky recurring BSOD or application that just keeps crashing? Toolbox has you covered. We've developed an all-new Notifications center that bubbles up these events into alert messages for a quicker response to important and actionable system issues.

Toolbox Notifications
Toolbox Remote Dashboard
Toolbox Remote

Toolbox Remote: Dashboard

With Toolbox Remote, remotely monitor all of your Toolbox-equipped PC’s from anywhere in the world with an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard. This service is offered free for all Toolbox users!

  • The Dashboard displays all monitored systems and their most recent known health status
  • Grid and list views available
  • Quickly and easily sort all monitored systems by Status, Name, or Last Update

Login or register for your free account at

Toolbox Remote

Toolbox Remote: System Details

At-a-glance analysis of key metrics through appropriately colored visual aids, such as circle charts, bold numbers, and timeline graphs, all working together to provide an instant picture of a system's health. Additionally, Toolbox Remote provides access to the same detailed information available within the Toolbox UI, including:

  • Test results to quickly identify failures
  • Blue screens and app crash events
  • Detailed system information

Login or register for your free account at

Toolbox Remote: System Details

More of the features working for you!

Toolbox Networking


Monitor your network status and check vital network configuration settings, such as IP Address, MAC Address, installed and default Web Browsers and more.

Toolbox Security


Protect yourself! Keep your system secure by monitoring all of your antivirus solutions, ensuring each are up-to-date and enabled.

Toolbox Performance


How’s your system running lately? Feeling a bit sluggish? Toolbox will report available empty slots to add system memory, help launch disk defragmenter and more.

Toolbox Storage


See all of your drives in one convenient and easy to locate area and be alerted to drive’s reaching capacity, making managing your storage a breeze.

Toolbox Windows Updates

Windows Updates

Keep your system up-to-date by monitoring Windows Update settings, such as the last time your system checked for updates and a list of any recently installed updates.

Toolbox Windows Tools

Windows Tools

Struggling to locate those all important Windows Tools? Toolbox makes it easy, giving you access to relevant tools throughout the product and from one convenient location.

Already a Toolbox customer and have questions or support issues, visit the FAQs, Support Portal, or our Community Support Forums.

Free beta download available!

PC-Doctor Toolbox

PC-Doctor Toolbox is the top app for system health, accurately identifying critical health issues for all your Android devices. The easy-to-use interface puts you one touch away from tools that keep your device running smoothly. Get proactive, identify issues, and avoid downtime.

Download the free Toolbox Beta on the Google Play Store.

Beautifully crafted elegant dashboard

PC-Doctor Toolbox

Gain fast access to tools through the easy-to-use dashboard.

Watch the Toolbox Android beta app feature video.

Google Play Store

The Toolbox app that offers it all...

Toolbox Android My Device

My Device Check

View detailed system information quickly to know if your system needs an update. No need to search through settings or contact technical support with instant access to info that includes:

  • Device model
  • Operating system
  • CPU
  • System memory
  • Battery
  • Sensors
  • Wi-Fi
  • NFC
Toolbox Android My Device
Toolbox Android Diagnostics
Toolbox Android Diagnostics

Diagnostics Check

Run quick, full or stress tests for a thorough device check, or target specific components for testing. We reviewed analyses, case studies, and input from industry leaders and used this knowledge to develop tests that efficiently handle any scenario.

View the complete list of tests available under Android.

Toolbox Android Storage

Storage Check

View your device's internal and external storage usage—conveniently organized into categories—to see the current available space for your favorite apps, music, videos, and more!

Toolbox Android Storage
Toolbox Android Apps
Toolbox Android Apps

Apps Check

Get detailed information quickly when your device is running slow, your battery is draining, or other issues arise. Toolbox shows which apps are installed and running, along with CPU, memory and storage usage per app. Easily access each app's settings, stop apps, or delete them directly from Toolbox.

Toolbox Android Battery

Battery Check

Monitor battery health with Toolbox, and gain current and historical info that includes time remaining, charge, temperature, and voltage.

Toolbox Android Battery
Toolbox Android Network
Toolbox Android Network

Network Check

Keep tabs on data usage by monitoring mobile and Wi-Fi networks, current connection speeds, and the apps using the most data.

Toolbox Android History

History Check

Review historical diagnostic results and see critical, warning, and informational events through the easy-to-use calendar—helpful in understanding when and why device issues occur.

Toolbox Android History
Toolbox Android Performance
Toolbox Android Performance

Performance Check

Know instantly if your device's CPU, memory, and storage are optimal.

Toolbox Android Sensors

Sensors Check

View beautifully graphed real-time data for magnetometer, accelerometer, ambient light, proximity, gyroscope, pressure, ambient temperature, relative humidity, and GPS, and instantly know if you have a bad sensor.

Toolbox Android Sensors
Google Play Store
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