The hardware diagnostic solution for the rapidly expanding mobile device industry.

Improve the quality and hardware integrity of Android based products with PC-Doctor for Android. PC-Doctor, the industry leader in hardware diagnostics, brings its 20 year experience in developing diagnostics for Windows, Linux, and various embedded platforms to Android.

With today's technology, users rely heavily on Android mobile devices and it is critical that the hardware operates reliably. Hardware failures deplete revenues and damage brand reputation. PC-Doctor for Android helps ensure that a device is in working order and that actionable problems are quickly and accurately identified.

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PC-Doctor for Android Diagnostics


  • Reduces No Trouble Found (NTF) / No Defect Found (NDF) rates — call centers can use PC-Doctor for Android to reduce returns for non-hardware issues
  • Reduces call center support and service time — field testing alerts the end-user to definitive hardware problems, significantly reducing support call time
  • Brand distinction — OEMs can distinguish their brand in the marketplace by providing end-users a highly useful and informative Android diagnostic tool
  • Reduces repeat returns — service and support organizations can ensure that a system is repaired correctly the first time

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  • Support for Android 4.1 and above
  • Low-level hardware diagnostics that bypass the Android OS level
  • Diagnostics for the majority of Android device components
  • Detailed system information for the majority of Android components and applications
  • Data capture and analysis throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Fully customizable scripting and test automation capability

Home Screen
Diagnostics for Android Home
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Component Tests
Diagnostics for Android Device Component Tests
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Testing Progress
Diagnostics for Android Testing Progress
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Test History
Diagnostics for Android History
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Who Benefits

  • Manufacturers of Android Devices
    It is important to keep costs low while providing competitive, affordable products. PC-Doctor distinguishes true hardware faults, reduces NTF rates, and guarantees hardware is running correctly, reducing support costs.
  • Repair and Service Centers
    First time repair rate, turnaround time, and tech productivity are important; to stay competitive, it is critical to have the industry standard tools in your test process.
  • Service Technicians
    Being able to quickly and accurately identify the problem saves time, money, and increases customer satisfaction. Having the most robust tool in your arsenal sets you apart from others.
  • Android Users
    Users rely on their device for business, pleasure, and as a primary means for communication. It is critical that users have a working device at all times. Being able to proactively determine hardware faults is essential in avoiding downtime.

Additional Industry Players that Benefit from PC-Doctor for Android:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)
  • System Integrators and IT service providers
  • System Builders and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)
  • Customer Support and Field Service Organizations
  • Enterprise IT departments

If you are a computer technician, you should explore our PC-Doctor Service Center product.