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Looking for a demo? Contact us and we will set up an online demo or we will send you an evaluation to view on your own time. Available are PC-Doctor product brochures, a comprehensive list of tests for each operating system, case studies and white papers, and diagrams for loopback configurations. Also available for computer technicians is the Error Code Wizard which generates CompTIA's Standard Error Codes with just a few mouse clicks.

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Top Downloads

PC-Doctor Toolbox
Free yourself from the woes of PC troubles. Toolbox automatically monitors key hardware and software components, offering system information with detailed results. Advanced reporting keeps you well informed on system health, vastly improves troubleshooting, and reduces those time-consuming support calls. Learn more

PC-Doctor Toolbox Android Beta App (Free on Google Play)
PC-Doctor Toolbox is the top app for system health, accurately identifying critical health issues for all your Android devices. The easy-to-use interface puts you one touch away from tools that keep your device running smoothly. Learn more

Error Code Wizard
This wizard helps service technicians generate CompTIA's Standard Error Codes with just a few mouse clicks. These error codes are not associated with any codes outputted from our PC-Doctor line of products. Free for commercial or personal use. Requires .Net Framework 2.0. Learn more

Product Brochures

PC-Doctor for Android
PC-Doctor Toolbox
PC-Doctor Factory
PC-Doctor Network Factory General Information
PC-Doctor Network Factory Technical Information
PC-Doctor Service Center 13 General Information
PC-Doctor Service Center 13 Technical Information
BootPath Diagnostics
PC-Doctor Certified Hardware Vendor (CHV) Program

Comprehensive List of all PC-Doctor Tests

Android Test List
DOS Test List
Linux Test List
Windows Test List

Case Studies and White Papers

PC-Doctor Hard Drive Testing
PC-Doctor More Cost-Effective than Internal Diagnostics
PC-Doctor Reduces Defects in Ready-to-Ship PCs
PC-Doctor Reduces PC Warranty Returns and Saves Millions
Memory Testing Failures
Risk of Internally Developed Diagnostics

Loopback Diagrams

Serial and Parallel Port external loopback wiring diagrams