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PCs and PC-like devices run many different operating systems and applications. PC-Doctor diagnostic software takes full advantage of the strengths and opportunities provided by these diverse environments by offering products specifically designed for each of them. We support the environments that are important to you. If you need comprehensive testing in Linux or any version of Windows, if you want to test independently of the installed operating system, or if you want to test a bare motherboard, PC-Doctor offers the software for you!

Operating System Support


All PC-Doctor products for Windows operate in all current versions of the Windows operating systems — Windows 7 through Windows 11, Windows Server 2012 - Windows Server 2022, along with Windows PE versions 3.x and above.

Whether you need diagnostics for preloading with your standard Windows platform or to perform testing in your manufacturing, service or repair environment, PC-Doctor has a product with the appropriate feature set to meet your needs.

Windows Test List - PDF


Android has brought the tablet form factor into the mainstream and with it, a new set of devices and new set of challenges for OEMs, manufacturing and repair groups. Margins are narrow, competition is high and end-users are unfamiliar with the new OS. This makes it more critical than ever to control costs and establish brand distinction to keep consumers happy. As PC-Doctor has done for over 2 decades, our diagnostics for Android help OEMs and service/repair groups definitively identify hardware problems, keep support costs down and inspire end-user confidence in your brand.

Leveraging the ability to test the primary components at the standard Linux layer in the Android OS, PC-Doctor provides low-level hardware testing. In addition, tablet-specific functions for common end-user complaints related to tablet features such as touch screen, sound, camera, sensors, etc. are part of the diagnostic suite providing full system diagnostic coverage.

As with our Windows preload products, we provide the optional ability for OEMs to identify trends in device health, product distribution, and diagnostics failures. This gives OEMs the edge they need to get ahead in the Android market while others struggle to learn how their products are distributed and are performing in the field.

Android Test List - PDF


PC-Doctor’s industry-standard hardware diagnostics are available in this powerful, royalty free operating system. All PC-Doctor Linux products provide automated testing, detailed system information, simultaneous testing of multiple devices, and device-specific testing. Versions are available for factory, consumer, enterprise and pre-boot applications. All PC-Doctor Linux products are available for 32-bit and 64-bit processors from Intel and AMD.

PC-Doctor Linux products offer multiple user interfaces, including graphical, text mode, and command line. They can be integrated with other user interfaces or applications using the Advanced Services API (ASAPI). PC-Doctor’s Diagnostic API (DAPI) can also be used to add new test modules to increase test coverage.

Linux Test List - PDF

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