Factories/Volume Repair

Solutions for factories and high-volume repair facilities.

Factory solutions are the gold standard for high-quality and high-volume operations that make, repair and refurbish PCs and Android devices. They reduce out-of-box-failures and improve first-time-fix rates using the world's best computer hardware diagnostics.

Factory-High Volume Repair


PC-Doctor Factory is the complete diagnostic solution for PC manufacturers and assemblers, as well as service centers and repair depots. Designed for the rigorous demands of both manufacturing and service environments, PC-Doctor Factory streamlines processes from incoming inspection to final systems test using industry-leading hardware diagnostics and system information tools. PC-Doctor Factory dramatically improves product quality, reduces troubleshooting time, and substantially reduces cost.

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Factory Drive Erase

Erasing hard drives shouldn't be difficult. Neither should pricing, licensing, and use. Factory Drive Erase is a NIST 800-88r1 compliant solution for media sanitization. Securely erase drives and create professional certificates of erasure with confidence.

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PC-Doctor for Android™

Improve the quality and hardware integrity of Android based products with PC-Doctor for Android. With today's technology, users rely heavily on Android mobile devices and it is critical that the hardware operates reliably. Hardware failures deplete revenues and damage brand reputation. PC-Doctor for Android helps ensure that a device is in working order and that actionable problems are quickly and accurately identified.

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If you are a small OEM/system builder or an end-user, you may wish to explore our Toolbox product.

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