PC-Doctor, Inc. Intellectual Property

PC-Doctor, Inc. is the industry leader in PC hardware diagnostic software. PC-Doctor products help ensure optimal product quality, support, and service for computer users worldwide. All major PC manufacturers and many component vendors use PC-Doctor tools and services.

PC-Doctor brand diagnostic software is bundled (pre-loaded by the manufacturer) on computers sold worldwide. The PC-Doctor factory family of products is used in a manufacturing environment to test incoming parts and subassemblies, perform burn-in testing, verify final system configuration, and perform quality audits. PC-Doctor Service Center is used by repair depots, service technicians, and IT organizations.

ATTENTION! Genuine PC-Doctor products are sold directly by PC-Doctor sales representatives and through the PC-Doctor Web site. PC-Doctor Service Center is also available through authorized resellers. PC-Doctor software is subject to the license accompanying each copy and cannot be resold, rented, or transferred, directly or indirectly.

PC-Doctor takes very seriously the protection of its intellectual property. PC-Doctor searches the Internet and monitors e-commerce as a regular part of its efforts to stamp out trademark infringement and unauthorized offerings of its software. Additionally, a substantial percentage of PC-Doctor's intellectual property enforcement efforts are directed towards pursuing leads from dissatisfied customers of defective products and offerings from businesses and individuals infringing on the PC-Doctor trade name and mark. The objectives of PC-Doctor's efforts are twofold:

  1. To educate consumers about PC-Doctor, and to differentiate genuine PC-Doctor products from those of infringers.
  2. To collect information about persons and entities infringing on PC-Doctor's trade name and marks. This data is analyzed and stratified by region and type in order to establish patterns (if any) of infringing activity, individuals, and methodologies.

This information is acted upon directly by PC-Doctor in a proactive effort to halt infringers and their activities immediately. PC-Doctor will exert any and all types of legal and equitable remedies, and relief available in order to protect its intellectual property. This includes both criminal and civil actions. The penalties in the criminal arena can include fines, jail terms, or both. In the civil arena, remedies can exceed $150,000 per occurrence plus attorney fees. PC-Doctor will not hesitate to exercise the full range of legal options available to preserve its intellectual property rights.

For more information from PC-Doctor's intellectual property policies, or to inquire about a possible infringement, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.