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15 November 2019

  • This is Service Center 12
    Advancing the World’s Number One Hardware Diagnostic Toolkit Service Center 12 continues to advance as the world’s number one hardware diagnostic toolkit—with all new Certified NIST-Compliant Drive Erase, plus cloud-stored drive erasure reports. This latest release also includes these notable new features and more: DirectX 12 Shader Rendering test Android version 8.x Oreo and 9.x […]
  • 20% Off Everything Black Friday Sale!
    Test PCs. Test Macs. Test Android devices. Test remotely. Test more with these huge Black Friday savings! PC-Doctor is once again offering the best discounts of the year — 20% off everything!!! Service Center Deals Sale active 11/23/2018 through 11/26/2018 The world’s #1 PC, Android and Mac hardware diagnostic toolkit. Used by repair technicians, service […]
  • Celebrate 25 Years with PC-Doctor!
    PC-Doctor turned 25 this year! What an accomplishment. We could not have done it without the support of our most precious asset…you, our customers! Help us celebrate this monumental year and enjoy some of the greatest savings we’ve ever offered. Now through September 18th save 25% on everything! Yes, you read that correctly! You can […]

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15 November 2019

  • Re: Use of PC Doctor program
    Does Dell perceive when IPv4 6to4 time, the one mac can have multiple IPv4 connectable so set the program blocking .  PC-doctor is the only hardware caring apply being used since 1999 never stopped because it is a place where global can record your mac...
  • Use of PC Doctor program
    I am interested in purchasing the PC-Doctor software for use in a new Dell Inspiron 3780 laptop.  I am not satisfied the the Dell provided 'SupportAssist' software which I believe is based on PC Doctor.  My concern with the Dell provided software is th...
  • Re: DUID modify according to obey RCF3315
    Toolbox errors increased ,
    Refer to another Topic posting at PC-doctor :
                              "Toolbox for Windows / Re: "double Firewall enabled and alerted as stopping Internet , how is it becamed ? "

              - double firewalls may block some...

Service Center

15 November 2019

PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows

15 November 2019