Factory Drive Erase

Erasing Hard Drives Shouldn't be Difficult.
Neither Should Pricing, Licensing, and Use.

Securely Erase It All


Factory Drive Erase is a NIST 800-88r1 compliant solution for media sanitization.
Securely erase drives and create professional certificates of erasure with confidence.

HDD, SSD, NVMe Drives

The Ease of Factory Drive Erase

The drive erase process walks you through all aspects of erasing a hard drive.

  • Network Bootable (USB and DVD options available)
  • Supports scripting for automation
  • Attempts automated freeze lock removal and PSID revert on OPAL drives
  • Erases hidden HPA and DCO sectors
  • Uses the most secure erasure method available
  • Verifies drive contents are cleared post-erasure
  • Generates PDF certificate of erasure including cryptographic fingerprint
    • Available in English, Danish, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish
  • Writes certificate details and digital signature to first sector of drive

Keep Costs Under Control

  • Erase all drives connected to a system simultaneously
  • Unlimited drive erasures
  • Flexible licensing
    • Volume licensing
    • Per unit pricing

Drive Erase In Action

Service Center Drive Erase Boot Splash

Boot Splash

Service Center Drive Erase Main Menu

Main Menu

Service Center Drive Erase Drive Selection

Drive Selection

Service Center Drive Erase Fingerprint


Erasure Methods

Certain media utilize different erasure methods. These are outlined above.
MediaNIST PurgeNIST Clear
ATA Sanitize Block Erase
Sanitize Crypto Erase
Sanitize Overwrite
Enhanced Secure Erase (Rotational)
Secure Erase (Rotational)
Enhanced Secure Erase (SSD)
Secure Erase (SSD)
DoD 5022.22-M Block Erase
eMMC Secure Erase DoD 5022.22-M Block Erase
NVMe Advanced Secure Erase
Sanitize Block Erase
Sanitize Crypto Erase
Sanitize Overwrite
Secure Erase
DoD 5022.22-M Block Erase
SAS Sanitize Block Erase
Sanitize Crypto Erase
Sanitize Overwrite
DoD 5022.22-M Block Erase

Looking for a drive erase solution for your PC repair shop, small organization, or personal use? Take a look at Service Center Drive Erase.

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