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PC-Doctor Introduces First Build-To-Order System Health Software Over The Internet
PC-DOCTOR BTO Support Center™ Puts Power of World’s Leading PC Diagnostics Into Hand of System Builders, VARs, Service Providers and Enterprise IT Teams

RENO, Nev. (April 11, 2007) — The world’s leading system-health software for personal computers — once only accessible to the PC industry’s largest manufacturers — is now available from PC-Doctor Inc. to system builders, value-added resellers (VARs), IT organizations and service providers, regardless of size or geographic location.

Through an exclusive build-to-order-software process, PC-Doctor BTO Support Center™ software delivers hardware diagnostics, rich system information and other system health tools to reduce warranty and service delivery costs. It also helps establish closer relationships with end-users by allowing system builders, VARs and others to rename the software after their own businesses, add their logos and look-and-feel characteristics, and present their own support information to the end- users.

This is the first hardware-health solution tailored to the specific requirements of the system builders who manufacture nearly half of the worlds PCs, as well as of VARs, service providers and IT organizations, said Doug van Aman, PC Doctor’s chief marketing officer. BTO Support Center gives these companies greater control over service delivery costs.

Industry-Leading System Health Tools

BTO Support Center software is based on the same pre-installed diagnostics, system information and other tools relied upon by major manufacturers to reduce unnecessary warranty and service delivery costs and to enhance the customer experience.

Benefits of BTO Support Center software include:

  • Reduced service delivery costs through reductions in unnecessary parts usage.
  • Reduced no-trouble-found diagnoses of PCs and their components before systems are returned for repair or service technicians are dispatched.
  • Better manufacturing and deployment quality through thorough, accurate testing that leads to fewer out-of-box failures and other early-life problems.
  • Enhanced revenue opportunities through strengthened relationships with users who buy PCs and purchase repair services.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by enabling users to conquer technology and solve problems on their own.
  • Economical pricing that declines as BTO Support Center volume increases.

Key features of the BTO Support Center software include:

  • A comprehensive suite of fast, accurate PC-Doctor diagnostics for Microsoft Windows that thoroughly test all field-replaceable hardware components.
  • Exhaustive burn-in capabilities to test systems during manufacturing and before they are deployed.
  • Powerful PC-Doctor Profiler technology that takes a snapshot of the original system configuration, and then tracks changes to aid the diagnosis process.
  • Support for one or more languages that include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. More than one language can be selected as an option for those companies that do business in multiple countries.

Revolutionary Delivery over the Internet

BTO Support Center customers configure the software over the Internet at by choosing their look, adding their name, logo and support information, and selecting key features to include such as Profiler and languages. Once they are satisfied with their selections and payment is made, the BTO Support Center engine configures the software and posts it to a customer portal.

The customer downloads the build to their own machine and copies it via USB key, CD or network to the target system. Once aboard the target system, the software is activated via the PC-Doctor BTO Support Center license server during burn-in testing.

Pricing and Availability

BTO Support Center prices begin as low as $50 for five licenses, and automatically decrease with volume increases. The product is available now at

About PC-Doctor
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