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PC-Doctor® Service Center™ Wins 2005 "Best Products" Award

RENO, Nev. (May. 15, 2006) — PC-Doctor, Inc. today announced that PC-Doctor Service Center has won a 2005 "Best Product" award from PCDIY magazine. The magazine’s annual award goes to the company that demonstrates the best use of troubleshooting for technicians, manufacturers, and repair facilities. Key performance metrics include reductions of Out of Box Failure (OOBF) and No Trouble Found (NTF) rates, increases in customer satisfaction, and reduction of service call durations.

The award recognizes PC-Doctor’s leading diagnostic technology. PC-Doctor Service Center is a professional integrated suite of PC diagnostics, system information tools and hardware test devices. "It includes both Windows and DOS versions of PC-Doctor’s industry-leading diagnostic software. PC-Doctor Service Center enables fast, effective diagnosis of hardware issues, even when the operating system will not boot" says the PCDIY article. "We are honored to have PC-Doctor Service Center selected as Best Product by PCDIY." said Doug van Aman, chief marketing officer, PC-Doctor, Inc. "The software is a great addition to any computer technician’s tool kit. It can be used by enterprise PC service organizations, PC repair centers, mobile PC technicians, small PC manufacturers, low-volume warranty repair centers, and even hobbyists."

With more than 200 tests in Windows and DOS, PC-Doctor Service Center offers multiple boot options to run from CD or install on the system hard drive. Should a system require depot or on-site service, PC-Doctor Service Center rapidly verifies reported hardware failures and fully tests newly installed components and upgrades prior to returning the system to the customer.

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Founded in 1993, PC-Doctor, Inc. is the global leader in PC and Android system health, and contextual messaging — offering the most comprehensive set of diagnostic, system information and software tools available. Our system health products optimize product quality, support, and service for the computer user, generating demonstrable savings for our customers. Several of the world's largest PC manufacturers are our clients, and they load tens of millions of copies of our software on their systems every year. For more information about PC-Doctor and its products, visit or call (866) 289-7237. International customers should call (775) 336-4000.


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