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PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 Software Helps PC Makers Reduce Costs, Improve Productivity And Quality
Worlds Leading Diagnostics Developer Unveils First of Many Products Based on New Architecture

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, March 1, 2005 PC-Doctor Inc. (, the leading global developer of hardware diagnostic and system information tools, today introduced PC-Doctor Network Factory 5, a networked diagnostic test system with centralized management and database results storage. Unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, the new software is used by manufacturers, repair centers and other customers to reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance product quality.

PC-Doctor Network Factory is the first product built atop the new PC-Doctor 5 diagnostics architecture, which also was introduced today at IDF. Other products based on the architecture are scheduled for introduction in the coming months. Collectively, the products support diagnostics across the complete PC life-cycle -- from product development and manufacturing through end user service and support.

Network Factory 5s introduction coincides with important opportunities for the industry to expand beyond the market boundaries of the traditional PC, said Aki Korhonen, president of PC-Doctor. New generations of PC-based systems have emerged that serve medical, defense, digital living room and other applications. Not only can Network Factory 5 help meet strict customer expectations for reliability in traditional and non-traditional markets, but it can also help manufacturers reduce Out of Box Failures and cut No Trouble Found warranty support costs by more than 50 percent.

PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 consists of four major elements: server software, an SQL-compliant database, Unit Under Test (UUT) software and the Monitoring Console.

Designed for Intel-based servers that run Microsoft Windows or Linux in a networked environment, Network Factory 5 server software tests all critical hardware components used to manufacture PC-based systems such as microprocessor, memory, interfaces, audio and video processors, and storage devices. The server software scales from small manufacturing operations to volume factories that test hundreds of systems simultaneously.

Each Network Factory 5 test generates diagnostic and general system data that can be stored in the included SQL-compliant database or in a commercially available database from Microsoft, Oracle and others. Manufacturing and service organizations can use the database to analyze reliability and failure trends for systems and components. Additionally, Network Factory 5 creates an electronic birth certificate for every tested system that can be used for technical support and to validate the presence of original components if the system is returned for warranty replacement.

Available for Windows and Linux environments, the UUT client software is supported on desktops, notebooks and other traditional PCs as well as single-board computers and other PC-based systems.

The centralized Monitoring Console of Network Factory 5 allows test engineers to manage the test process, track progress and create reports. The Monitoring Console is accessed through Internet Explorer, Firefox and other popular web browsers. The console supports secure user log-in and managed permissions. PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 is available now. Pricing is based on customized quotes. For additional information about PC-Doctor Network Factory 5, visit or telephone (775) 336-4000.

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