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PC-Doctor Introduces New Architecture For Industry-Leading Diagnostics
Company Also Introduces PC-Doctor Network Factory 5, First of Many Products to Be Based on Architecture

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, March 1, 2005 PC-Doctor Inc. (, the leading global developer of hardware diagnostic and system information tools, today introduced PC-Doctor 5, a fifth-generation diagnostics architecture that spans the entire PC life-cycle from design and manufacturing to service and support.

The company also introduced PC-Doctor Network Factory 5, a networked diagnostic test system with centralized management and database results storage. Network Factory 5 is the first of many products based on the new architecture that the company has slated for release this year. Both the architecture and the first new product were introduced at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Diagnostics play an increasingly important role as market opportunities expand beyond the traditional PC, said Aki Korhonen, president of PC-Doctor. Customers demand a higher level of reliability for consumer, medical, defense and other PC-based products than they do of traditional PCs.

Reliability is only part of the story, however, added Korhonen. Products based on the new architecture also improve our customers bottom lines in four significant ways: Improved quality through better selection of components, reduced costs of unnecessary warranty returns, less time for technical support sessions, and lower costs for on-site service calls, he added.

PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 and other future products based on the new architecture share a number of advantages.

Based on the same source code for both the Linux and Windows worlds, the PC-Doctor 5 architecture delivers the cross-platform advantages of uniform user interfaces, application programming interfaces, command lines and error codes regardless of the system under test traditional PC, emerging PC-based systems, and handheld devices such as cell phones and PDAs.

Incorporating lessons learned over 12 years that PC-Doctor has been in business, the PC-Doctor 5 architecture is smaller and faster than previous generations. It uses less than half the disk space and memory, and is ready to test in as little as three seconds from start-up. Additionally, the architecture has no installation requirements for its client software, which can be run from any storage device including USB keys or shared network drives.

The PC-Doctor 5 architecture also embraces important industry standards. All scripts, configurations and logs are stored as XML for easier integration with other applications and databases. It is geared for ease of implementation, taking the Modular Core Technology concept -- a key feature of all PC-Doctor architectures -- to new levels of capability. For example, it is now easier than ever for third parties to incorporate their diagnostics as a PC-Doctor test module and make them available to organizations that use PC-Doctor software.

Other shared features of the architecture include:

Patented and patent-pending technologies to enhance background diagnostics.
Debug-level reporting to show detailed failure information that improves root-cause analysis.
Easy localization features to add or modify international language support, even after deployment.
Test logs that include Field Replaceable Unit information to facilitate repairs.

For additional information about the PC-Doctor 5 architecture, visit or telephone (775) 336-4000.

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