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Unable to Retrieve Logs from Intel x86 Android v4.x Devices



We are aware that obtaining Service Center for Android testing logs and reports from Intel x86 Android v4.x devices will fail.

Unfortunately this is related to a software bug that exists in Android version 4.x which prevents the retrieval of the testing logs and reports. This version of Android has been declared obsolete by Google and a patch will not be developed to resolve the issue.


We were able to verify the existence of this bug in several models of Intel x86 Android devices running Android version 4.x. While we are unable to verify the existence of this bug in all x86 Android v4.x devices, it is expected to effect the majority of x86 devices.


Device testing is still supported on these devices. However, as Android v4.x is considered by Google as obsolete and patches will not be developed, obtaining device test logs is not possible.

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