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Windows 10 Insider Preview builds may result in unexpected behavior

While there are certainly benefits to installing Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, you generally will be expecting there to be downfalls as well. These builds provide the user with the latest changes and features before any other users. Unfortunately, you'll get the new bugs for that build before other users as well. Essentially, that is a portion of the reason why Microsoft releases these builds to "Windows Insiders" for optional installation, they know that the more people who are testing the build, the more bugs that will be discovered prior to its full release.

While there is nothing directly incompatible between Insider Previews and Service Center Remote, due to the nature of these OS builds and the likelihood of bugs, PC-Doctor does not recommend operating SCR using a Windows Insider Preview build. Various examples while using the beta version of the Microsoft Edge browser include unexpected account logouts when changing menu from Reports to Sessions and errors occurring on test PCs while Technician interface fails to detect any issue.

We appreciate your understanding.

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