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How exactly does the Remote session get established?

Getting connected to your client is straight forward and simple on both ends.

What action is required?

In order to connect with your client simply begin by logging into your SCR account and click on the 'Sessions' tab at the top. Within here you will see the Sessions that you have available, depending on the plan you signed up for. Assuming that not all of your sessions are currently in use, chose to 'Start New Session'.

For the new session to be created you will have the option to "customize" the support ticket by inputting various information of your liking. Here, only the 'Customer Name' field is required.

Now you will be able to click on the 'Create Session' button, which in turn will provide you with a URL that you will need to share with your client via IMS, e-mail, etc. This link will navigate the client to the Download Landing Page, where they will follow the instructions to download the setup .exe and install the session on their end. To finalize the connection the client will be required to enter the code provided to them on the Download Landing Page. Once entered the connection will validate, proceed to gather the Client's System Information, and if successful the Technician will now see their Session tile displaying 'Device Ready'.

Will a Session expire?

In no case will a session expire. The session may become Disconnected if there is any kind of interruption with the Internet connection, but the session will reconnect itself automatically once the connection is repaired. Only from within the Sessions Console will you be able to permanently close a session by clicking on the 'X' in the upper right-hand corner of the Session Tile.