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Cannot detect drives configured in Intel RST RAID.

Some Intel RST RAID arrays are not supported in Linux. Our Bootable diagnostics come with the driver needed for Intel RST, however due to the way that RST is implemented and works, drives are not always detectable.

This is because RST RAID re-maps the disks from the PCI space into AHCI PCI, thus making the disks "disappear" from the system. In other words, Service Center can detect that the drives are connected, but they are remapped into a RAID configuration. In order to run diagnostics on a drive, Service Center needs direct access to the device. RAID prevents direct access and instead creates a storage pool. The RST RAID then handles where and how data is written and to which disk, thus preventing direct access to the media.

The recommended settings by Intel and the Linux community are to set the disks in AHCI mode.