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Cannot find Service Center for DOS / Do you still support DOS testing?
Yes! DOS is still supported in Service Center. Starting with Service Center 14 the MUD is divided into two partitions; a Legacy partition and a Primary partition. In order to use Service Center for DOS, you must switch the MUD over to the Legacy partition. The steps below describe how to switch partitions and enable the use of Service Center for DOS.

  1. From within Windows, connect the MUD to a USB port and run "Startup.exe"
  2. Click the toggle labeled "DOS Mode" to activate the Legacy partition
  3. You will now be prompted with a warning dialog that explains the partition switching process.
    NOTE: Only files in the Legacy partition will be accessible on the Multipurpose USB Device after the operation completes.
  4. After the MUD has been switched to the Legacy partition, you can relaunch "Setup.exe" from the MUD to verify that the "DOS Mode" toggle is now on.
  5. You can now boot Legacy BIOS systems and UEFI systems with CSM support from the MUD to run Service Center for DOS.

In order to use Service Center for Windows, Bootable, Android or Chrome OS, you will need to repeat the steps above to disable "DOS Mode" and switch the MUD back to the Primary partition.