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How accurate are PC-Doctor test results? Can a device that fails a PC-Doctor test actually be OK?
PC-Doctor designs its software to report failures only when we are reasonably certain that the hardware is bad. We issue informative messages or warning messages if the results are not conclusive. To ensure reliability, we thoroughly test our builds using automated and manual testing on good and bad hardware. We test on all the systems from several major manufacturers and pre-release hardware from component vendors. When our testing reveals a false failure indication on good hardware, or that we don't detect bad hardware, we do our best to fix the problem before the diagnostic is released. We have been writing reliable and accurate diagnostics for over 12 years. Every major PC manufacturer has been our customer for years. Their continued use of PC-Doctor is a vote of confidence in the reliability and accuracy of our test results. It is possibile, however, that our software could make an incorrect determination in an unusual situation.