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What causes the message: "This version of PC-Doctor is not licensed for this machine", "This product is not licensed for this computer" "This program intended for (X computer manufacturer) computers only. Contact PC-Doctor...", or similar messages?

These messages appear for one of the following reasons:

  1. The computer you are using is not made by the computer manufacturer specified. Many versions of PC-Doctor are licensed for use on specific computers, and they are often also customized for specific PC models. To prevent possible incorrect results on other computers, PC-Doctor will only run on the computer model for which it was designed.
  2. The computer you are using is intended for use with this version of PC-Doctor, but the system motherboard has been changed to another model that is not supported by this version of PC-Doctor. You might be able to get an update from the manufacturer of your PC.


  1. Only run PC-Doctor on the computer on which PC-Doctor was delivered to you.
  2. If your motherboard was changed by the manufacturer or by an authorized service provider, discuss the situation with them to see if an updated version of PC-Doctor is available.
  3. If you need a version of PC-Doctor that works on all brands, contact our sales team at or +1 (775) -336-4000.