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Computerland, Carl Thorson - Director of Operations

"The support has been, quite frankly, surprisingly outstanding and has exceeded all my expectations. The response times have been very prompt, and the information they have provided has been exactly what we require. Not once have we had to make repeated requests, or clarify questions. Impressive all around. I have felt like they are a close-knit part of our implementation team, and I can't even begin to tell you how reassuring it is to have such a professional and responsive group of experts that we can rely on throughout this process. There have been multiple occasions where they have intuitively known what my needs are regarding this change in our operation."

Anywhere Computer Care, Tom Williams - Owner

"I just want to reiterate how much I appreciate you jumping in and doing what you can to help me out. I am building my company around serving others first and believe that this is the most important part of my business. I just want to know that the people I am partnering with also have similar values. I believe that PC Doctor does have those values which is why I chose your product in the first place. You have confirmed my belief in your company's values and I look forward to a long lasting relationship between our companies."

PC Assist @ Home, Darren Rose - Senior Technician

"Purchased PC Doctor Service Center 6 after comparing the product with several other diagnostic products currently on the market, but after reading reviews and contacting the company for more information I was very impressed and decided to place an order, right from the start I found the customer service to be first-rate - since receiving the product which arrived in only 5 days from USA to UK! I have had one little problem but this was dealt with quickly and in a very professional manner by the support staff and was resolved within a day - I would highly recommend PC-Doctor's products and helpful staff "

Electronbox Support Team, Cliff Dale - Senior Technician

"We have used various software programs to perform various diagnostic functions; many well known brand named products as well as those that are not so well known. Some of these programs are very similar in function and features to the PCD individual parts but nothing that compares with the comprehensive diagnostic abilities in a single program that you get in the PCD program."

G3L Consulting, Inc., Gerald Barber - President

"I was having a problem with one of my computers intermittently locking up, requiring a hard reboot. Of course, each time this occurred, I lost everything that I had been working on since the last time I did a file save. I couldn’t tell whether this was a hardware or a software issue and didn’t know where to concentrate my efforts to resolve this issue. In searching the internet, I came across PC-Doctor. I installed the software and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and how completely and thoroughly it tested all the hardware components in the computer. Thank you for this extremely helpful addition to my computer diagnostic toolkit."

Proctor PC, Brad Proctor Jr.

"Diagnosing hardware problems in Windows can be like finding a needle in a haystack, and that's where PC-Doctor comes in. Service Center works quickly to pinpoint the cause of computer hardware failure. This allows for a speedy turnaround that keeps my customers happy. You can count on PC-Doctor's top-notch service and support to promptly resolve any issues you may encounter. I would recommend this software to anyone in the computer repair industry."

Supply Point Systems, Inc., Jeremy Rammalaere

"The Service Center product has been an indispensable tool for us in the manufacture of our computer systems. A PC is an integral part of the SupplyPoint industrial vending unit. By using the Service Center product for diagnostics and PC burn-in, we can be confident that the PCs that we manufacture meet the same high standards of quality that our customers expect from Supply Point Systems."

Robert Pereillo

"The PC-Doctor, Inc. tools have been the fastest and most accurate I have used in my years as a computer professional. I get reliable results in less time so I can process more computers each day, which helps make for happy customers, which results in more repeat customers and additional business from word of mouth!"

Mobiele Helpdesk, Rob Waldram

"PC-Doctor Service Centre is an invaluable tool for a PC repair company such as ours. We are able to make fast and detailed diagnosis for our customers and to print out the reports so that our customers know that our diagnosis is based on quality tests and not guess work. We couldn't do our work efficiently without PC-Doctor Service Centre..."

Jody R. Blau

"I am an attorney running my own law practice, so when I have computer down-time, it can become very expensive. I needed a reliable product that I could quickly and easily use to narrow down the source of my problem, thus enabling me to more quickly return to work. PC-Doctor has been quite helpful in locating hardware failures."

Prism Technologies Group, Bryan Guinn - CEO

"PC-Doctor, your product is amazing. It saves my company time and money when we are at a client site and need to know what is wrong with a piece of hardware. It is a must have tool for anyone who troubleshoots PC hardware."


"RMA and FAE engineers will benefit enormously from [Service Center], which will greatly diminish the NTF (No Trouble Found) rate and the time required to isolate problems...All in all, [Service Center] is the best sidekick for RMA engineers and hardcore users. It greatly increases the efficiency and accuracy of hardware failure detection."


"The best hardware problem diagnostics and problem-solving tools, the most professional hardware diagnostics."

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