Powerful, low-level access.

Using the venerable DOS operating system provides PC-Doctor for DOS with several distinct advantages. The diagnostics and system information tools have direct access to hardware devices not available in Windows. The operating system and diagnostics have such a small footprint that they both fit on a single diskette.

Powerful scripting capabilities make PC-Doctor for DOS a popular choice for high-volume PC manufacturing and service organizations. PC-Doctor's Diagnostic API (DAPI) makes it easy to add new third-party test modules to increase test coverage.

View the complete list of tests available in DOS.


PC-Doctor for DOS can test PCs via a bootable diskette, CD, or thumb drive (flash disk) when a system cannot boot to the installed operating system, even without a hard drive or other storage device. These products are used by service technicians, service and repair centers, PC and PC-type manufacturers, and end users. It includes an intuitive interface and can also be operated from a command line.

PC-Doctor Service Center includes a version of PC-Doctor for DOS.
  • Detailed system information displayed in an easy-to-read format
  • More than 350 test functions available through PC-Doctor's unique Modular Core Technology (MCT™)
  • Current testing and system information libraries are constantly updated and upgraded by PC-Doctor as PC technology advances
  • Graphical and command line interfaces
  • Powerful scripting capabilities
  • Easy integration of existing diagnostic tests


  • Reduces Out Of Box Failure (OOBF) rates when used in manufacturing
  • Reduces No Trouble Found (NTF) rates when used for support
  • Provides diagnostics for systems that cannot boot to the installed operating system
  • Ensures that each PC is built exactly as it was ordered using the snapshot/inventory test
  • Performs burn-in testing and quality audits
  • Deflects call center support calls and increases customer satisfaction—Do-it-yourself (DIY) users get more satisfaction when they find problems without calling technical support
  • Reduces call center support time—support technicians quickly distinguish between hardware problems and software problems
  • Increases support first-call resolution rates
  • Differentiates your products from your competition by providing world-class diagnostics
  • Easy deployment
  • Increases customer satisfaction and brand value

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