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How do I generate individual Drive Erase reports when erasing multiple drives?

Service Center Drive Erase provides technicians the ability to create reports that can be provided to customers after media sanitization. The reports can be customized to include the customer name, technician name, as well as the company name and can be generated in multiple languages to suit the needs of both the business and the customer.

If a technician is erasing multiple drives for multiple customers during a single session, a single report can be generated for each individual customer and the drive or drives being erased for them.

  1. After booting into Service Center Drive Erase and creating a Session, selecting the “Erase Drives” option will present you with a list of all drives attached to the system that can be erased.
  2. Instead of selecting option one to erase all drives, select the drive or drives for Customer 1 to be erased using the arrow keys to highlight the drives and the space bar to select them.
  3. After erasure is complete, select option 2, “Edit Reports”.
  4. Choose the option to “Edit All Fields”.
  5. This will present you with a prompt to edit the “Licensee” field. You can enter Customer 1’s name in this field.
  6. Next you can enter your company name into the “Erasure Provider Field” followed by the technician’s name and asset ID if any.
  7. You can repeat the process above for any additional customers and drives.
  8. Once all drives have been erased, you will then be able to preview the reports, select a language to save the reports in and finally generate the final reports. This will save all of the reports to you MUD in PDF format to be printed for the customers.