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If I have a team of technicians, will they all be able to work off of one subscription?

Service Center Remote is the ideal solution for a business with multiple technicians. Not only can you share the remote access with all of the technicians in your work place, but the beautiful thing about SCR is that the number of technicians you would like to allow access is in no way limited by the subscription you sign up for!

What action is required?

Sharing Remote Diagnostic access is simple. From within the Manager account you can click the top right drop down menu where it shows 'Your Name' and then choose 'Team Settings'. From there you will 'Add New User' by inputting their email address, sending them an invitation to join your team.

Invited team members can create new support sessions as well as view and modify existing support sessions that they created. They CANNOT change team settings, invite other members, or change subscription level and payment settings.