Frequently Asked Question - Why am I being prompted to log into an account?

Why am I being prompted to log into an account?

One of the most exciting new features of Service Center 11 is the newly integrated cloud reporting inlcuded for no additional charge. So long as computers are connected to one another, why shouldn't technicians be?

Whether you are using Service Center or Service Center Remote for your testing, the Service Center Remote Console allows you to store and manage customer testing and reporting in a single place. Easily share testing among team members to provide your cutomers with timely and seamless support.

What action is required?

In order to take advantage of cloud reporting, simply navigate to and chose to create a Free Basic Account. Once your account is created you, as well as any team members you invite to join your group, will be able to upload their diagnostic reports to the cloud for instant access from any device with an internet connection.