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How To Change The Timeout Value When Booting From The MUD


The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on altering the timeout value when booting from the Multipurpose USB Device (MUD). This alteration is useful if you wish to have the diagnostics start without waiting for the timeout value to be reached, which is 20 seconds by default.


  1. Insert the PC-Doctor Service Center MUD into a Windows machine. This will allow you to access the configuration files on the device.
  2. Open the MUD and navigate to the \isolinux directory within Windows Explorer and select the following files, right click and select ‘edit’ using a text editor:


    Note: You may use any text editor you wish, Notepad++ was used by PC-Doctor to create this set of instructions.
  3. Upon opening each of these files locate the 'timeout' value. This should be set at ‘200’ by default which equates to 20 seconds. You can alter this value to whichever timeout value best suits your environment. Please keep in mind you will need to alter this value in each of the three files.

    Upon saving the changes, this modification will have the DOS diagnostics launch upon the new timeout value.

Additional Information

Note: Should the USB device need to be restored these modifications will not carry over. They will have to be manually implemented once again.

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