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Inability to run firmware erasure due to frozen drives


It may have been noticed that the can encounter a drive that is in a frozen state. The erasure process allows two different options during this event, the first option is to attempt to unfreeze the drive and the second option will be done if the first option fails or if the user selects the option to skip the unfreeze attempt. By default, the second option will just run the standard block erasure method, rather than the preferred firmware erasure.

We have improved the to allow a firmware erasure to run on frozen drives such as the Sanitize Erasure option. There is currently no confirmed date for this release but our goal will be to have this included with the next available update. In the meantime, we can provide the improved that will allow the option to run a firmware erasure regardless of the current drive state.


If you would like access to the updated script, please open a new support ticket with this request.

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