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Service Center MUD Restoration Process


The purpose of this document is to provide details on restoring the Multipurpose USB Device (MUD) to factory defaults.


Note: This process will destroy any data on the drive. Please save any necessary files such as test logs or results on the MUD to an alternate location prior to following this process.

  1. From within Windows on a known good PC, insert the Multipurpose USB Device into an available USB port.
  2. Insert the PC-Doctor Service Center Diagnostics DVD and wait for the autorun menu to appear. Note: If you have the optical drive's autorun feature disabled, you will need to browse to the Diagnostics CD and launch Setup.exe.
  3. From the menu, click on the option "More -- advanced options" and then select "Multipurpose USB Device Restore Tool" to reset the USB key to its original state.

    If the problem is resolved, then the issue was likely caused by a missing or corrupted file. If you are unable to restore the device, or the issue continues after attempting to restore it, please contact PC-Doctor Technical Support here Tech Support.
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