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Shader Rendering DX12 Test requirements & known issues

Affected Versions:

Service Center 12 and older

Requirements for the Shader Render DX12 Test:

  • The device must have DirectX support for version 11 and up. This can be verified by using the DirectX diagnostic tool that can confirm the DirectX version that is compatible with that specific device.(*NOTE: Intel HD gaphics 4000 drivers do not provide support for DX12)
  • The operating system must have support for DX12. At this time only Windows 10 64-bit provides that (32-bit is still pending)
  • SLI/CrossFire configurations with DX11 native support are compatible (The test will use all GPUs that are in the SLI/Crossfire configuration)
  • Individual video cards in a switchable graphics system are compatible. (On certain systems the test may enumerate only on the discrete video device due to the DX11 support requirements)

Known Issues:

  • If the result shows a blank screen that means both the video and audio codecs are missing
  • When a video is shown without any audio this means the audio codec is missing
  • If the screen shown below is displayed, this means the video codec has failed to play and the test will need to be restarted


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