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AMD Free-Sync Test requirements & known issues

Affected Versions:
Service Center 12 and older

Requirements for AMD Free-Sync Test:

  • Compatible only with an AMD graphics card with FreeSync support
  • AMD Catalyst graphics driver must be installed
  • Support only on Windows 7 and above
  • To test FreeSync the minimum DirectX version is 11.0 driver.
  • FreeSync Monitor
    • Supported display connections: HDMI or DisplayPort
    • For a list of supported monitors see: Freesync Monitors

Known Issues:

  • Test will not cover the full screen which will produce black borders in particular these aspect ratios, 1024x600, 1280x768, 1360x768, 1366x768, 1400x1050, 1600x900. We recommend running this test with normal aspect ratios.
  • When testing FreeSync on a hybrid laptop or system the user may encounter an issue where the test is enumerating against the discrete integrated graphics card and not the higher end graphics card. Also, the text in the application may not render.
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