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AlienFX LED Interactive Test

Potential problems that can be encountered:

  • Users using older Alienware devices may encounter issues of being able to run the AlienFXInteractiveTest due to incompatible drivers or an outdated version of Alienware Command Center.
  • A User also may be using an Alienware device(Keyboard and/or mouse) that is not on an Alienware machine that does not have AWCC and when attempting to test these components, the test will not be able to enumerate.
  • A user may report attempting to use AlienFXInteractive Test on an Alienware device and the test is not enumerating. Again, this may be due to an outdated AWCC and drivers needing to be updated.

Solution and requirements to follow for the AlienFX LED Interactive Test:

Most potential issues will occur due to the lack of device driver and/or an outdated Alienware Command Center application (also from the lack of having the Alienware Command Center). 

To fix this issue and ensure all devices can run this test correctly always ensure the latest drivers. This can be done by navigating to the dell website and downloading the appropriate drivers for your device (Along with updating the Alienware Command Center, if not installed this can also be downloaded from the Microsoft store on the system). 

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