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How to Connect to Wifi and Connect on Startup


While it is recommended to connect all systems to Ethernet for network access and uploading diagnostic reports to Service Center Remote, it may be more convenient to connect systems to a wireless access point. This is a pretty straight forward process and only needs to be done once per MUD and per network.


  1. Boot the system into Bootable Diagnostics
  2. After the UI loads, right click on the outside of the UI, in the black desktop area
  3. Select Networking > Configure Networking
  4. From there, an application called WicD Network Settings will open up. Locate the desired network connection and click the Properties button
  5. By default the authentication standard is set to the typical WPA1/WPA2 passphrase standard. So you should be able to enter the network password into the "Key" field and click OK.
    1. Depending on your network, you may need to edit these settings to meet your needs.
  6. Now click Connect on the network and you should connect straight away.

The network configuration is saved to the MUD and can be found at the following directory:

PC-Doctor Service Center 14(F:)\pcdoctor\sc_lin\network

Now, whenever you boot into Service Center Bootable Diagnostics, if the system has a wireless NIC, you will automatically connect to the network.

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