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My Multipurpose USB Device is corrupt. How do I fix it?
If your Multipurpose USB Device has been corrupted or offline Service Center diagnostics are not available, you can recover it by running the Multipurpose USB Device Restore Tool from the Service Center Diagnostics DVD.

To restore your MUD, from a Windows machine, do the following:
  1. Insert the Service Center Diagnostics DVD into the PC's DVD drive or mount a Service Center ISO image
  2. Double click "Setup.exe"
  3. Click the box for "I accept the Terms & Conditions"
  4. Choose the "Multipurpose USB Device Restore Tool"
  5. Insert the defective MUD into an available USB port
  6. Click the OK button to begin the restore process

Note: Restoring a Service Center MUD with an unsupported version of Service Center will render the MUD unusable. A Service Center Multipurpose USB Device can only be restored using:
  1. A Service Center Diagnostics DVD of the same Service Center version originally installed on the MUD
  2. A Service Center Diagnostics DVD of the next Service Center version up from the original version
For example, a Service Center 12 MUD can be restored using the Diagnostics DVD for Service Center 12 or Service Center 13.