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Service Center states "You must first insert the Multipurpose USB Device" but it is already connected.
This message indicates that the Service Center software is unable to authenticate with the Multipurpose USB Device. There are several reasons that this may occur.

1. The USB port that the MUD is connected to is not functioning.
To resolve this issue, please try to use a different port. The USB ports on the back of a desktop PC are the best choice.

2. The MUD may be corrupted.
To resolve this, simply use the Multipurpose USB Device Restore Tool on the Service Center Diagnostics DVD to repair the MUD.

3. The MUD was restored or updated with an unsupported version of Service Center.
Updating or restoring a Service Center MUD with an unsupported version of Service Center will render the MUD unusable. A Service Center Multipurpose USB Device can only be restored using:
  1. A Service Center Diagnostics DVD of the same Service Center version originally installed on the MUD
  2. A Service Center Diagnostics DVD of the next Service Center version up from the original version
For example, a Service Center 12 MUD can be restored using the Diagnostics DVD for Service Center 12 or Service Center 13.

If this is the case, use the correct Service Center version Diagnostics DVD to restore the MUD.