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User interface too large. Cannot access the full user interface on high resolution display.


We have found that using Service Center Bootable Diagnostics on systems with high resolution (such as 4k) displays can result in the user interface being incorrectly scaled. This results in the UI being too large to access all aspects of the UI.


This issue has been observed to happen using at least Service Center versions 11 - 13. Older versions of Service Center may also be affected.

Specifically, we have seen this issue appear on laptop devices with a 4k resolution display and configured with a hybrid graphics set up. This issue has only been seen to occur when the system is configured in BIOS to use only the discreet graphics card.


There are two recommended options for resolving this issue.
  1. Depending on the system UEFI/BIOS options, launching the BIOS setup on system start and configuring the system use the "Hybrid Graphics" option should resolve the issue. These settings will be manufacturer and device specific, so please see the manufacturer's documentation to locate this setting.
  2. If you are unable to configure the system to use the hybrid graphics option, you can use the Service Center Bootable Diagnostics Video Fallback option. This option is found when selecting the Bootable Diagnostics GRUB options. See page 24 in the User Guide for more information.
If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please open a support ticket with our support team.