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What is Toolbox Remote and why does it say I'm not connected?

Toolbox Remote:

In our latest upgrade for Toolbox for Windows (version 7.2.6914.x) it may have been noticed that a new status was displayed with “Not Connected” in the top right corner.

We are pleased to announce that this is a new feature brought on for our Toolbox Remote product:  (Login page shown below). The new Toolbox Remote feature was created to provide the option to easily monitor all of your PC-Doctor Toolbox equipped PC’s from anywhere in the world within the cloud! 


The main idea for Toolbox Remote is to allow you quick access to all device details for your computers in terms of the test report history and system information. If you have more than one computer, you can add all of them to your Toolbox Remote account , allowing you to access an overview of the status and health of your devices. Whether you choose to use this for your company hardware, family devices, personal computers, or simply all of the above, Toolbox Remote will now be accessible as a cloud-based monitoring solution!