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Why can't PC-Doctor fix detected problems like other products claim they can?

PC-Doctor's strength lies in its ability to detect faulty hardware devices. If a physical device is faulty, it is not possible for a software product to fix it. Usually, the device requires servicing or replacement — a task best left to computer professionals. Other software products focus on addressing software-related problems such as missing DLLs, registry errors, and system crashes. These software problems can be fixed by replacing the missing DLL, restoring the registry settings, or catching the system crash before it occurs.

If a system is not operating correctly:

  1. Run PC-Doctor to see if it is a hardware problem.
  2. If PC-Doctor indicates a hardware problem, repair or replace the hardware.
  3. If the hardware passes all diagnostic tests, it is most likely a software problem. Get assistance from the maker of the device, software application, or operating system. Consider using a software product that specializes in software-related problems.