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PC-Doctor Service Center 10 is now available with Windows 10 and Android 5.1.1 Support

Reno, NV (August 31, 2015) – PC-Doctor, Inc., the global leader in system health, announced the addition of Windows 10 and Android 5.1.1 support to its industry-leading Service Center diagnostic kits. With enhancements to Windows, Android and Mac support, Service Center continues to be the number one repair kit chosen by technical professionals, providing hardware diagnostics that system manufacturers have relied on for over 20 years.

Computer technicians require access to cutting edge diagnostic tools to troubleshoot the latest systems. Given the expected high adoption rate of Windows 10, PC-Doctor accelerated its Service Center release schedule to meet the needs of the support community, offering a major update just four months after releasing version 9.5. In addition to supporting Windows XP through 10 and Android 5.1.1, this update supports newer technologies such as Intel Real Sense 3D Cameras and Near Field Communication (NFC).

PC-Doctor has expanded its leadership role in system health and diagnostics with the recent addition of Android diagnostics in Service Center. Based off the industry leading PC-Doctor Factory and PC-Doctor Network Factory, Android for Service Center broadens the capabilities of the repair technician.

The PC technician can now be a one-stop repair shop for PCs, Macs, and Android devices. Service Center offers hundreds of diagnostics for all major components, including CPUs, hard drives, memory, video cards, webcams and more. A full list of PC, Android and Mac diagnostics is available on the Service Center website.

PC-Doctor Service Center 10—in addition to updated Windows 10 and Android support—now includes features such as:

  • Factory reset option in Android
  • Expanded memory and CPU testing in 64-bit Windows
  • Updated bootable diagnostics with continued support for Intel-based Macs
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) testing
  • Intel RealSense 3D camera testing
  • And more: Visit Service Center 10 to view full product updates

Options for Service Center kits include Service Center 3-packs to test more systems at a time. Additional hardware components are available for individual purchase in the Service Center Store.

Priced at $329, PC-Doctor Service Center 10 kit includes:

  • A multi-purpose USB device with LED indicators and bootable, low-level diagnostics to test systems without a hard drive, optical drive or display
  • A diagnostic DVD containing Windows, Bootable, DOS and Android diagnostics
  • Optical media for testing CD and DVD capabilities
  • Parallel, serial, USB, audio and Ethernet loopback adapters
  • Drive Erase tools
  • Documentation for basic and advanced options
  • A professional canvas case for carrying the kit on-site

The PC-Doctor Service Center 10 3-pack kit includes everything above, plus two additional multi-purpose USB devices for additional testing (retail value of $647).

Priced at $449, PC-Doctor Service Center 10 Premier includes:

  • The standard edition, plus
  • PCI and miniPCI POST cards with a remote display for testing PCs that will not boot
  • A power supply tester

The PC-Doctor Service Center 10 Premier 3-pack kit includes everything above, PLUS two additional multi-purpose USB devices for additional testing (retail value of $767).

Account representatives are available to discuss options for your testing needs at (866) 289-7237 (press 1). For more information or to order online, visit

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